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3rd Life-on-Chip event sparking cross-fertilisation in Europe

Source: CELIS

From the 23 to the 25th of February, Smart Hub Flemish Brabant organized the 3rd (virtual) Life-on-Chip conference. The aim of this event, attended by some 360 domestic and European participants from research and industry, was to stimulate groundbreaking cross-fertilisation between life sciences and other technologies.

Combining living cells with nanotechnology, 3D printing and artificial intelligence? Innovative cross-fertilisation that allows for fast and animal-friendly development of medicines tailored to the patient?

"It still sounds like a distant future, but we are much closer than we think. Many breakthroughs in healthcare are within reach and our renowned companies and research institutions play a crucial role," says Ms. Ann Schevenels, vice-governor economy & innovation of the provincie of Flemish Brabant.

During Life-on-Chip, scientists and entrepreneurs testified how they managed to realise their ideas. Others told us they are not quite there yet. What binds all these researchers and business leaders is that the road from idea to realisation is difficult and that therefore European cooperation is crucial to move forward faster in the interest of our healthcare.

"At the Life-on-Chip Conference, we are encouraging our business leaders and scientists to work together with the aim of giving the patient of the future care that is tailor made," says Mr. Tom Dehaene, vice-governor internationalisation of the province of Flemish Brabant.

For the Life-on-Chip Conference, Smart Hub Flemish Brabant worked together with its Belgian partners and for this 3rd edition also with BioRN Life Science Cluster Rhein-Neckar, Tartu Biotechnology Park and Biopeople in the framework of the EU-funded CELIS-project (funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme) on life sciences.

During the 3-day conference there was a visionary seminar, thematic sessions, matchmaking and a crash course.

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