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Cluster-driven services for SMEs: best practice collection

An enhanced cluster performance in a learning environment will strengthen the regional clusters capabilities and abilities to support regional smart specialization in the health, biotech and life science industry. We believe that the optimal way to advance the European Innovation and Business Support System is by establishing cross-cluster learning activities with sharing of best practices and by using experiential learning methodologies like “on-the-job” cluster management training. Thus, striving jointly to higher levels of cluster management excellence by learning through reflections on doing and applying learnings to the regional cluster level.

Cross-cluster learning is a solid part of CELIS “Cluster Management Training Plan”, where cluster managers share their experience and best-practices for SMEs services. The partnership organises regular meetings with other European clusters in the field of life sciences, to foster exchange and learning. Based on these meetings several best-practices have been extracted and are described in this document.

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