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Exploring Danish market for Estonian behavioural digital therapeutics’ solutions for adoloscents

In Copenhagen, Denmark the Danish Life Science Cluster hosted an Estonian children’s mental health start-up Triumf Health from the Tartu Biotechnology Park. With the support from the Cluster Excellence in Life sciences – Internationalisation of SMEs, the 5-day exchange was organized between November the 29th and the 3rd of December 2021.

Triumf Health participated in the exchange to strengthen the liaison with the Danish HealthTech and EdTech ecosystem, to reinforce existing and establish new collaborations in a private sector and academia as well as explore investment opportunities. The Danish Life Science Cluster which its domain focus that covers mental health and unparalleled capacity matchmaking was a resourceful and a helpful host. Triumf Health in its scaling up phase, uses knowledge and skills gained to plan future market entry activities, explore further potential partnerships with Danish start-ups and academia as well as investment opportunities.

During meetings with Health Tech Hub and Creative Business Network we agreed to discuss further investment and collaboration opportunities in the area of mental health and educational technology in Denmark and beyond. Meetings during the Digital Tech Summit 2021 gave us insights and contacts in HealthTech and EdTech area. We shared experience and discussed collaboration with two Danish mental health start-ups as well as explored research collaboration with the Aarhus University.

The exchange reinforced Triumf Health’s earlier understanding of the importance of local partners and navigating the local ecosystem to successfully execute business development activities in Denmark.

Knowledge and insights gained during the exchange will support our entry to market, attracting investment and establishing research collaborations in Denmark. A collaboration with the Danish Life Science Cluster will continue through Cluster’s existing activities in the area of digital therapeutics in psychology and finding opportunities for Triumf Health team to be a presenter or a panelist at events in Denmark to share its knowledge and skills.

As a result of this exchange, Triumf Health understands better Danish HealthTech and EdTech ecosystems, market entry requirements and challenges shared by mental health start-ups both in Estonia and Denmark in obtaining clinical approvals and attracting investment.” – Kadri Sirg, Triumf Health

ClusterXchange is a highly relevant and flexible scheme for exploring business development and collaboration opportunities in a systematically supported manner with the help of well-matched host, in our case the Danish Life Science Cluster, to enter a new export market and establish new research collaborations.

As a result of the ClusterXchange, the Estonian enterprises in mental health area will benefit from the enhanced understanding of the entering Danish market with behavioural digital therapeutics for adolescents.

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