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Spotlight on Internationalisation

A short interview with Mogens Kruhøffer, CEO of BioXpedia A/S, pointing out how visibility is essential also in internationalisation activities.

First step towards internationalisation. Young start-ups struggle in establishing an internationalisation strategy, based on the available resources. What would be your tip to them, to maximise the impact of their actions?

For a Service Company like BioXpedia it is all about visibility. For other types of start-ups, it may be different. For us it is important to have a good and functional homepage with optimized SEO. Coming up on page one in google searches is important. Keep track on the homepage activity and optimize regularly.

Post company news and scientific interesting content on LinkedIn. Ask customer to follow your Linkedin profile. People following you on LinkedIn does this for a reason – some are present or new customer, some would like to work for a company like yours, some are competitors. It all makes you more visible.

Hand-on experience. Could you please summarise the internationalisation activities of your company in few sentences?

Be present on platforms where similar companies are represented. This could be sales platform like or websites listings of CRO’s/Service Providers. Participate in discussions on international media – show you are an expert.

Collaborate with your vendors – ask to be listed on their homepages as a service provider of their technologies. Ask them to recommend your company to customers searching for analytical services.

Once discovered by new international customers, be very communicative, deliver good service, and ask for names of new potential customers.

In summary, based on your experience what is the ‘secret sauce’ for successful internationalisation?

It is all about visibility. Coming up on page one in google searches is for a company like our very important. Therefore, it is essential to have a good and functional homepage with optimized SEO.

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