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The purpose of the Health Axis Europe initiative is to cross-leverage the innovation resources and thus jointly increase the international competitiveness of the clusters in Leuven, Heidelberg, Maastricht and Copenhagen.

The clusters share a common innovation culture, are comparable in strength and have complementary areas of expertise. All five clusters are located around internationally outstanding universities with excellent health sciences and a strong tradition in top education and research. They have a substantial health industry base and are driven by strong key individuals that are personally committed to foster economic growth and entrepreneurship.

In addition, the five clusters are focused on complementary health technology areas covering regenerative medicine and stem cells (Cambridge), medical electronics and nanotechnology (Leuven) as well as personalized medicine and cancer research (Heidelberg).


  • Facilitate and coordinate EU-funded collaborative R&D projects

  • Support of cross-border cooperation in the training and further education of talented persons

  • Facilitate cross-border investments and cooperation between established VC funds

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